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Do You Know What 4D Meat in Dog Food Is?


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Understanding what makes up the favorite food for your pet is very crucial; otherwise, you may harm your favorite pet. The benefits in the food you give to your dog are a very important consideration.

What does 4D meat mean?

4D meat is a dried meat from animals that were infected from illness, unstable or that succumb to death after suffering that humans cannot consume. The 4D meat means meat from dying, diseased, disabled, and dead animals, especially livestock like cattle.

Are 4D meats fit for the Dogs?

According to US department in charge of Food and Drugs, 4D meat is certainly unfit for any person coming in contact with it or animal consuming it.

4D meats may contain harmful disease-causing organisms like bacteria such as salmonella, which can cause serious problems to your dog or even death. Many cases have been reported about dogs dying from meat suspecting to be 4D.

Cooked meat destroys any bacteria present, unlike 4D, which is used by a racing company called greyhound trainers.

Where is 4D meat used?

4D meat is used in the US and other countries such as Australia and New Zealand. However, the names given within these countries may vary like Knackery, the one used outside the US.

How dangerous is 4D meat!

4D meat has been used for a very long time by various people to feed their dogs. However, it is freighting if people use this meat with the knowledge that is harmful or just fit for their pets. The meat causes serious illness or even death to the pets that consume it.

On some of the occasions, we have to lose our loved pets to these meats. Why? This is because unlike the fresh meat of a healthy slaughtered animal that is normally examined to be fit for the purpose before it is released to be feed to the general public, the general cleanliness of the slaughterhouses, the health of the animal to be slaughtered and the equipment used in preparing any meat for the consumption is carefully examined in the normally cases as compared to 4D meat.

The fact that 4D meat is prepared from dying, diseased, disabled, and dead livestock, they possess a great danger to any person coming in contact or any animal consuming it. Animals may die from illness yet unknown, causing havoc to anything consuming it. Mostly dogs are the common victims of this meat. 

Due to the rising demand for meat daily, there is a like hood that most of the industries manufacturing this are likely to deceive the general public if they are not well regulated. Branding alone doesn’t make any food safer for any consumption. The preparation process is the most and key factor to consider for any product to be granted as safe for consumption.

It’s highly recommended that the meat from the dead livestock should be buried or burned to ashes and not consumed at all to avoid the danger of transferring illness from such animals to other animals or even risk the lives of the people handling it.

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