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Achieve a Healthy Brain Function for Your Dogs

Portrait of a happy old dog at the dog park.

It’s no secret that dogs age faster than humans. They say that every human year is equivalent to, give or take, seven human years. There are some nuances depending on breed and size, but the general idea is that they age quicker than us. So, when a dog reaches the ripe old age of around 6 or 7 years old, he starts to slow down. Literally and figuratively. Because he is going to get slow in movement, and he’s going to prefer to not be as active as he once was.

Similarly, his aging will affect his brain agility. You’ll miss the hyperactive puppy who hops around, jumps on things, and chews everything he sees. I know it sounds a bit depressing, but there’s something you can do to keep, not only his body, but especially his mind and thinking skills, quick and active over the years that he will age. The best dog supplements and dog food contain vitamins and nutrients that support both a healthy mind and a healthy body for your dog. The best dog training treats will contain brain boosting ingredients such as Omega 3 and other fatty acids.

And speaking of the best training treats, training your dog actually helps with the development of his brain. When he gets older, continue to train him or have activities with him so that he can sustain the level of development he has and avoid early brain function decline. In fact, just regular playtime with a dog owner and his dog, no matter the age of the dog, proves to be extremely beneficial to the dog and owner’s relationship and their brain functions.

Another simple way to boost his brain activity, aside from nourishing him with the best dog food and best dog training treats, is to talk to him constantly. Your dog may not talk back, but he understands you. And dogs have this natural need for companionship. If you don’t spend time with your dog, if you don’t interact with him, he is going to grow sad. And sadness, both in dogs and humans, has a great effect on one’s health.

Similar to training and interacting with your dog, another way to keep his brain functions active is to engage him in activities. Take him for a walk or take him with you and the family in your next road trip. You see, the healthiest kibble and organic dog food and the best dog training treats and chews can provide him with the nutrients he needs to have a healthy mind and body. But without activities that lift his spirits and increases his motivation, that will be half-baked.

Yes, our dogs will age faster than us. And what this really means is that they have a shorter life span compared to ours. But you can make it a life well-lived for him. Give him the best food, the best training treats and snacks, the best supplements, the best grooming and care, and the best of your time, effort, love and companionship.

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