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Dog Treats to Avoid When Training a Puppy

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They are some of the treats that can be harmful or negatively affect any puppy. Therefore it’s a key thing to considering which treat is right to use.

How to administer treats correctly.

Understanding how treats affect your puppies is very important. Selected treats will work well for any puppy. Below are some of the things to consider;

  • Administering treat at the right time.

During training you have to understand what time is best for your treat. They should be given after training for motivation and not before.


  • Size of the treat.

Treat should be administered in small quantities that a puppy can easily swallow.

  • Right taste.

Treats should make puppies mouth- watering. They should be appealing in taste for training

  • Contents of your treat.

Treats can be homemade or bought. However it’s good to determine what benefits do the treat you choose have to puppies. The ingredients making up the treat are important to look at since they determine the behavior of puppies like fattening or mental development.

  • Avoid over treating.

Over treating your puppy may lead to unnecessary weight gain. Give your puppy treats in reasonable quantities.

Treats to avoid during training your puppy.

Choosing the right treat for a puppy is a best practice to implement always. The following should be avoided in training puppies;

  • Hard textured treats.

Soft treats are best for because they are easily digestible than hard ones. Treats like Well bites are soft and nice to administer.

  • Low value treats.

Not all treats contain the right nutritional value for your puppy.

Treats with the right content for your puppy should be full of right elements to support puppies in development

  • High calorie treats.

Low calorie treats are right for training because they help your puppy develop weight that can easily be supported. Stuffing up puppies with high calorie treats may lead to obesity. Treats like pet Botanics are right and can be rewarded to dogs regularly because of their low calorie value.

  • Low flavored treats.

Low flavored treats will not be appealing to your puppy. Your puppy will be less interested consequently fell less rewarded. Right treats should be highly flavored and of great taste. The smell and taste of a treat will determine if it’s right one for puppy training or not. Beef Jerky posses such qualities.

  • Treats with fillers.

Treats with fillers are not the best for your puppy. Treats like Vet dog treats and Coat treats contain a special acid to help in building nice skin for puppies.

  • Grainy or Chicken meal products.

Grainy treats contains much calories which can puff up the puppy weight. Chicken meals contain high proteins that can easily make a puppy obese. They should be avoided while choosing the best treat recipe for a puppy.

  • High fat treats.

Treats with high fat content can easily affect the puppy development and body posture.

In summary, it is important to determine both the benefits of the treat as well as its effect to your puppy before choosing it as the recipe. 

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