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The Truth About Feeding Bananas to Your Dog


Who doesn’t like a banana? People are very fond of it and some find it very tasty. Some pet parents even eagerly try to feed bananas to their dogs. If you have the same idea- planning to add bananas to your dog’s diet, we will help you to know some truths about what will happen if you feed bananas to your dog.

Can dogs eat a banana?

The truth is nothing wrong with dogs eating bananas. Although it is not the best dog training treat, your dogs may find that the fruit is quite tasty. Moreover, bananas can be an excellent source of vitamin B6, vitamin C, fiber, biotin, magnesium, and potassium.

Vitamin B6 and potassium can promote and help dogs in maintaining healthy blood pressure. Magnesium promotes bone growth and the absorption of vitamins. In addition, this oddly shaped yellow fruit also contains several bioactive compounds that have antioxidant activities to help to protect the body from various oxidative stresses and get rid of any oxidizing agent from your dog system.

How bananas may harm your dogs

Even though bananas have many health benefits, you should remember that too much of everything will bring nothing good. For example, since humans and dogs have a different digestive system, unlike a human, too many bananas can cause some digestion difficulties such as diarrhea and upset stomachs to your four-legged baby.

The right portion also helps you to avoid the possibility of giving excessive amounts of sugar to your dogs. On the other hand, there is no harm if you give it a proper portion of the treats.

Just how much banana is enough for your dog? Well, medium to large dogs can only eat half of a normal-sized banana, and the small ones can only receive two or three tiny slices each day. Oh, make sure to cut the fruits into very small pieces in order to avoid choking.

What about banana peels?

If there is one thing you should avoid, it is the banana peel. Banana peel is not something toxic, but we told you before that dogs do not have a stronger digestive system like us humans. For them, banana peels are difficult to chew and digest. So the best thing to do is not giving them any banana peel.

Ideas for bananas as dog treats

Well, there is no special recipe or instruction to make a DIY homemade dog treat. Of course, you can make a safe dog treat by simply mixing the fruits with your dogs’ food, or you can mash the bananas and stuff it into their kongs. But if you like cooking, you can try to make a homemade dog treat made of bananas. Some people may give you the ideas, but it will be better if you discuss it with your veterinarian in the first place.

In conclusion, if you need more information about feeding bananas to dogs, do not hesitate to talk to your veterinarian, but feel free to visit our webpage to get more information about the best training treats for your canines.

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