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The Best Training Treats to Use in Training Your Dog

Australian shepherd with clicker

The best dog training treats are effective when coupled with the time and effort exerted by the owner in teaching and instructing his or her pet. And it must be made clear to whoever is attempting to train any dog that the best training treats or any training treat, for the matter, must be used to reinforce the desired behavior.

When you reinforce the desired behavior, you use the treats as a reward when your dog follows your instructions, and when he does good behavior. But use a treat to try to convince your dog to do the action when he does not seem participative, and you are bribing him. You are actually instilling an understanding in your dog that if he snubs your instructions, you’ll give him a treat. 

So, you see, training treats are pretty powerful and effective when used correctly. There are many treats available in the market now. But how do you know which ones to buy? The best dog training treats have these qualities and features. 

The Best Dog Training Treats Must be Flavorful to Your Dog

This one, we as humans, will definitely relate to. When we don’t like the taste of a snack or food or drink, we easily get disinterested, and we tend to ignore that food. 

It’s the same for dogs. If his training treats are not delicious for him, you are most likely not going to get him to participate in any training you will be giving him. Remember that these treats are supposed to make him feel rewarded. 

These dog treats can be the bagged ones bought in stores. Or they can be cookie biscuits that are home-made. It depends on what the dog likes and what will motivate him to follow your instructions. 


The Best Dog Training Treats are Bite-Sized

A training treat is not equivalent to a meal. And so, in terms of size, it must be small, and your dog must be able to consume it fast. A logical reason for this is so that he does not take the time to eat it. If he does, he’s going to forget about your training. 

Bite-sized pieces are enough to keep the momentum of your training going. Even if the treats are small, if they are tasty to your dog, he is going to keep on asking for more of those training treats. This will make him more motivated to participate and follow your instructions. 

The Best Dog Training Treats Are Nutritious

Pet owners and pet parents definitely want what’s best for their fur babies. And whether you choose to use commercial or home-cooked treats, it really boils down to your research and your dog’s preference. 

The good thing is the ingredients of store-bought training treats are listed in the back label. Using home-made training treats is a good route to take if your dog is very sensitive to what he or she eats, and you have the time and energy to make them. 

Either way, your effort in meticulously checking or making these treats are sure to keep them healthy. 


Now that you know the important qualities of what makes a training treat effective, you can now go ahead and start using these in training your dog. Remember that the best dog training treats are made from healthy, tasty ingredients in snackable bites, and offered with love and care. 

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