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The Best Dog Training Treats: Soft Treats Versus Stinky Treats

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Since the start of training dogs for cultivating good dog habits or for performing a specific work or task, it has been proven that any dog breed would be more than happy to “work” if he is given a reward once he accomplishes a “task”. These rewards can be a soft pat in the head, an enthusiastic verbal praise, a desired toy, or a yummy dog treat. The best training treats are now sold in pet shops in all forms and shapes, ranging from the dry foods or kibble to wet canned foods, each one dedicated to providing your pet dog the proper nutrition needed to stay happy, fit and healthy.

With a wide range of selection, most pet owners are initially confused which of the different dog treats is the best training treat for their beloved pet. The answer depends based on the individual needs of your pet dog, as well as the training setup that you are implementing. To help you make the choice of which is the best dog training treats for your furry friend, let’s compare soft treats with the stinky treats.

Soft treats are the most common dog treats available for dog trainers and owners. They are the best training treats recommended for dogs that are still on the initial training phase. These treats are handy and easy to pack due to their relatively small bite-size portions. Your dog will find these soft treats fast and easy to eat, ideal to be given in between small tricks or tasks that he has completed because your dog can easily chew and digest this in just a few seconds, without interrupting the training session for a long duration of time. Most bite-sized soft treats also doesn’t leave unsightly crumbs that you have to clean up afterwards.

Stinky or smelly treats, on the other hand, are the best dog training treats for advanced training sessions with your beloved furball. They are a bit more difficult to pack because of their larger size and “stinky” smell.  Stinky treats have shorter shelf life and a higher price tag than the more common soft treats, so purchasing and storage considerations must be noted. The main selling factor why this type of treat can be the best training treats for your dog is the way it can hone or enhance your pet’s sense of smell, particularly for common food smells. At any instance, when placed side by side with a soft treat, a stinky cheesy treat would be your dog’s first choice. If you are training your dog in a crowded or distracting area, then you can use a stinky treat to gain his attention and focus.

Before choosing the best training treat for your dog, consider your dog’s preferences and the training situation. Also, be reminded not to give too much amount of dog treats to your pet, use them in combination with other positive reinforcements like toys, praises and contact.

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