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Should My Training Treats be Different from the Daily Treats?

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Every dog deserves a dream reward after tenuous tasks. And even more, your dog deserves better rewards when he is being trained. There are normal treats that you might give when all it just graces your wood floor or when it warms your feet at night in bed.

However this should change when you really are taking your pet through that thorough daily routine. The size and even taste of your training treats should outdo your daily treats. There are a thousand reasons for these. Read till the end to grasp this whole idea. Treat among other things do the following;

  1. Creates Closer Relationship

Greater and tastier training treats cause a better relationship between you and your dog. Your dog becomes transformed from that aloof pup in the pet shop to one that constantly longs for time with his master.

In short, you become, your dog’s best friend and it becomes your best friend too.

  1. Makes a Smarter Pet

Have you ever felt your dog is lacking in his capacity to think? Treats during training can make your dog even smarter. You can put treats in various toys. They are called interactive toys that aid your dog’s cognition. They vary in difficulty and are employed depending on how better your dog becomes.

Also, hiding great treats in places around the home for your dog to find would make him build a keener sense of smell. This is because using the brain creates far more stress than employing brawn. In this case, your dog pushes itself to complete tasks within lesser time and with lesser energy.

  1. Causes Less Stress

Using treats during training helps you to divert your abilities from stalling bad habits to improving good ones in your dog. One way to achieve this is to make your dog carry out a good deed then reward it afterwards.

This causes less stress for you, the trainer and your dog as there is less worry over improper habits. Some of these habits could be your dog charging at a neighbor when it ought to sit.

  1. Boosts Confidence

Dogs gather a lot of confidence when given a treat after every task. Every dog sees hurdles as insurmountable at first. That’s why professional trainers begin with smaller equipment coupling it with treats. This encourages an erstwhile nervous dog to charge fearlessly towards any hurdle knowing that there is a reward at the end of it all.

Little by little, your dog begins to see no hurdle as a hurdle at all. It gradually becomes that fearless yet sweet pet.

  1. Makes Your Dog Obedient

Giving treats to your dog is like paying a human salary after a month-long work which in turn keeps his commitment in a company. However, with dogs, you not only have the chance to reduce these treats but you also attract its utmost obedience.

Basically, you may sometimes have to go out of your way to treat your dog during training. At the end of it all, it all pays off. Be consistent and you build the strong darling you want it to be.

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