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Sardines are Great for Your Dog!

Dog Food With Sardine Fish and Hot Dog

As pet parents, one of our responsibilities is to choose the right diet for our babies. It is easier to be said than to be done. Actually, the decision about dogs’ diet should not be taken lightly. Pet parents have to know what to feed and what not, also what is the best training dogs treat to keep them happy and healthy.

Many types of high quality dog food and treats are available in the market. Almost all dog food companies even claim that their quality product can cover the nutrition needed, and some of them really do.

But what if you can have something nutritious for your dogs but with a more affordable price?  The good news is, that awesome treats probably have been hiding in your cupboard for months!

Sardines? Sardines!

Despite knowing the benefit of fish, some people choose to avoid feeding fish to their dogs based on several reasons. For example, fish often contains mercury, not to mention the frightening idea of having fish bone stuck in their precious dogs’ throat.

However, you can eliminate these risks by feeding sardines to your dogs. First off, since sardines are categorized as small fish, also their life cycle and diet make them have less amount, if not zero mercury in their bodies compared to other fishes.

Next, thanks to their soft bones, your dogs can easily digest the bones without worries.

The benefit of Sardines

Sardines, those tiny fishes, are as good as other fish and can be the source of some important nutrients such as Omega-3, vitamin B12, vitamin D, coenzyme Q10 and of course, amino acids.

How come these nutrients benefit your dogs?

Well, together, these nutrients help them to maintain a strong immune system, help them to develop muscle and connective tissue, prevent dental problems and protect their kidneys from any disease.

Canned or Fresh

Something fresh is indeed better, but canned one also will do.  However, if you choose to feed your dogs the frozen or fresh sardines, make sure to remove the thicker backbone.

Meanwhile, if you choose to go with canned sardines, do not think that any type or brand will do. Pay attention to its sodium levels and leave it there if the sardines are packed in some oil rich in omega 6 like soy oil, ketchup, safflower oil, sunflower oil and corn oil.

How Often Should I Feed Sardines To My Dog?

Actually, a couple of times a week will do. You can feed them plain sardines or mix it with their dog food. You can start with a small amount. Still, remember that fish is not a complete diet, so you still have to give your furred babies a balanced diet with meats, vegetables and fruits which provide them other nutrients they need to keep healthy. However, remember to always ask your veterinarian when you are planning to change or add something to your dog’s diet.

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