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Important Reasons to Only Give Your Dog Filtered Water

Thirsty dog in hot day

Every dog deserves a good life, and a good life sure comes with good food. However, good food, as we all know, doesn’t just stop at solids. It extends to water as well as other liquids. Water is the main constituent of any meal. It does not just aid digestion. It improves immune. However, your dog should not just drink water. It should drink good filtered water. 

Filtered water performs, among other numerous awesome functions. Some of them are;

  1. Safeguards Your Dog from Contaminants

More often than not, water from your tap contains a lot of contaminants, which are very harmful to your pet. Running water from rusty pipes already makes water unsafe for your dog to drink. Also, copper, as found on the water, is a major cause of liver infections and renal damage in humans. In dogs, excess copper has been linked to health conditions such as hepatopathy, which is serious damage to its liver.

  1. Coldwater is great for Dogs

As against many opinions that cold water is harmful to dogs, cold water is actually a great liquid for your dog. Real harm occurs only when your dog drinks a lot of water too fast. When dogs take ice or water too fast, they tend to gulp air, which results in bloating.

However, cold water can cut down this unwholesome binging habit. Using a stainless bowl to put cold filtered water is a great idea as it keeps the water steadily cold.

  1. Contains Far Less Chlorine

Chlorinated water does even more bad than good. Chemicals in tap water tend to dissipate even more the longer water sits. Filtered water contains significantly little chlorine reducing your dog’s exposure to the risk of throat infections. Tracheal infections as it were could negatively affect your dog’s snarl, growl, and bark. It could also result in swellings in the throat, which would result in poor feeding and eventual loss of weighty.

Always keep in mind that filtered water keeps your dog safer and healthier and stronger every day. A dog that feeds well runs well. Keep your dog up, and it will be safe as such. So don’t wait until chemicals spread wings across your dog’s system. Get down and see to the health of your dog. 

Filter that water, save your pet! It’s a cool duty and guess what, it doesn’t cost so much. Just get a water filter from any store around you and do the right thing! 

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