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How Safe is Coconut Oil for Your Dog?

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Coconut oil is a popular source of health benefits. 

It’s a good way to supply healthy fat to your dog. It’s also known to benefit your fur baby’s digestion and metabolism. As well as make his skin healthy and his coat shiny. 

Because of such benefits, the best dog training treats and dog food have coconut oil incorporated in their ingredients. But recent research has gotten pet owners and pet parents worried and confused. There are several studies and articles circulating stating that coconut oil is not good for our pets. 

You can imagine the panic and unease this has been causing, especially when the best pet supplements and the best dog treats for us are those that contain what we know to be healthy ingredients, like coconut oil. But let’s calm down a bit and take a look at what this new piece of information means. 

Further research shows that coconut oil can possibly be bad for your dog for a couple of reasons. First, there’s always the risk of an allergic reaction, especially if it’s the first time for your pet to consume dog food, training treats, and chews that have coconut oil in them. In the case of this unfortunate scenario, you need to stop offering that treat or switch to a different one. If you are sure that the coconut oil is the one causing his allergic reaction, you must switch to food that does not have this ingredient in them. 

To err on the safe side, make it a best practice to consult your veterinarian before introducing new food and treats to your dog. Just like in humans, every dog is different and will have unique reactions to different types of food or ingredients. Someone may refer to your dog food that claims to be the best in the market, or someone may hand you the best training treats available from a high-end brand, but it could turn out that your dog is allergic to them. What is important is you determine what is best for your dog. 

Another reason that can make coconut oil harmful for your dog is when you let him consume it too much. Remember, too much of something is bad. And in this case, too much consumption of coconut oil could increase your dog’s cholesterol levels. The good thing is, the many commercial brands offering their best dog training treats, dog kibble, and other dog snacks make use of the recommended amount of coconut oil and other nutrients in their products. You still want to be knowledgeable and to be on top of your dog’s diet, though. Because we all know that sometimes they can’t help themselves, if someone gives them their favorite treats or snacks in large amounts, they’ll be happy to finish all of that.  

In a relieving conclusion, we can all stop worrying about coconut oil in some of the best training treats and pet food. Their benefits are still conclusive. But you just need to be careful and make sure your pet is not allergic and that he is not consuming too much of this ingredient. 

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