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How to Get Your Dog a Healthier Coat Through Nutrition

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Treat Your Dog With The Best Dog Training Treats

Treats aren’t just good for training your dog; they are also crucial for your dog’s coat. Using the best training treats with the right nutrients for your dog is important because it will improve their coating and hair strength. Make sure the treats you give your dog are of the highest quality that are made of natural ingredients and add these to your dog’s diet.

Protein-Rich Diet

Because the dog hair is around 90% protein, having protein in their diet will improve the coating significantly. Almost all dogs that have a dull coating don’t have enough protein in their diet, or the quality of food they are eating is not the very best. Make sure that you buy the right food for your dog so it can have a healthy coat or replenish it if it’s a bit dull right now. Foods that have a protein source listed as the first ingredient are usually good and high on protein, and you should really skip the foods that have grains, as a first ingredient or food that has a lot of preservatives. Foods that have lamb, turkey, or chicken would be the best choices here because they are protein rich foods.

Include Fatty Acids In The Diet

Adding omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids are another thing that can help your dog have a healthy and amazing coat because they have exceptional anti-inflammatory properties and help with a lot of problems involving the skin. Fish oils, fish, and flaxseed oil are a few ways you can increase the consumption of omega fatty acids for your dog. Adding these to his diet will surely increase his coating, but it should be around once a week in small doses like 1-2 tablespoons and not every single day because high amounts might be counterproductive.

Brush His Coat Regularly

For your dog to have a nice and glowing coat, you have to set some time aside to brush him because it helps the dog by taking out dead skin and hair while stimulating the skin to increase the creation of oils that help the hair look glossy and healthy. Brushing your dog regularly will also give you the chance to keep tabs on his hair state and make sure he doesn’t have fleas, ticks, and other unwanted parasites.

Final Thoughts

A combination of these 4 steps is the best way to go in order to improve your dog’s coat or keep it healthy and shiny. Doing just one of them would help, but it would take much longer for any effects to show while doing all 4 would be much, much faster. So a combination of giving him the best dog training treats, a protein-rich diet that consists of chicken while once a week you also add some fish to his dish and brushing him regularly would do wonders for his fur, and you’ll be able to see the improvements within a week or two.

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