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Freshen Your Dog’s Breath with Parsley

Jack russell terrier eating salad

Bad breath in dogs may not seem like an inconvenience or a problem in general, it’s not like it’s an important issue we have to deal with or take care of, but when it’s our dog, whom with we spend most days and hours playing with, we may notice that our four-legged friends may benefit from a little mouthwash once in a while, to refresh their breath and make them feel cleaner.

There are many causes for bad-smelling breath, and we have to understand that their mouth health works just like ours. Just like we wake up every morning and brush our teeth to get rid of that sleepy breath we dislike, our pups may benefit from some brushing as well. It is recommended that we brush their teeth every day for at least 30 seconds (don’t use human toothpaste), and provide appropriate chew toys and dry food. Not brushing your dog’s teeth regularly may lead to plaque build-up, and too much plaque build-up can push the gums away from the teeth, exposing new areas for bacteria to develop. This inflames the dog’s gums, and will most likely lead to cavities, infection, tissue destruction, tooth loss, and even pus formation (we certainly don’t want any of this).

Apart from brushing our dog’s teeth and checking annually with the vet for their mouth health, there are some awesome natural remedies for making our dog’s breath fresher, with ingredients or elements you most likely have in your kitchen already. The best option is considered to be parsley, the king of garnishes provides a handful of vitamins and minerals that will also help with immunity, vision and kidney health, and soothe an upset stomach and digestive problems. Its rich antioxidants protect from radical-free damage and also relieve from inflammatory conditions as well as pain from arthritis and swelling. It’s also famous for being a natural breath freshener. You can add it in small amounts to their regular dry food or dissolve some teaspoons in water to create a juice you can pour into their bowl. Be sure you are choosing the curly leaf variety, because spring parsley may be toxic to dogs since it belongs to a different family of plants.

Other options are natural snacks like bones, crunchy foods like carrots and apples (who also contribute as a healthy snack for them), that when being chewed act just like a toothbrush scrubbing away hard-to-reach food particles and plaque build-up, and they are also one of the best and healthy training treats!. Coconut oil is another great option that will not only improve your dog’s breath but is also known for its immunity-boosting properties and improving skin and coat health, be sure to add just a little bit to avoid upsetting your dog’s stomach. Apple cider vinegar is an option that may surprise you, but it’s proven to be effective! Adding just a teaspoon into their water bowl will suffice to note the effects in a couple of days.

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