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Do Freeze Dried Treats Motivate Your Dog More?

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Top Reasons Why Freeze-Dried Dog Treats Will Be Your Dog’s New Favorite Treat

Food technology in the recent years has steadily improved, focusing on the formulation of methodologies and strategies for maintaining natural nutritional content while also increasing the storage lifespan of organic food products, without the use of chemicals such as artificial preservatives.  The technology of manufacturing dog treats has also been enhanced, with an aim of creating better quality and healthier food products for our loyal canine companions. Recently, a strategy of freeze drying organic food treats has become mainstream and popular in the pet food market, attracting dog food owners that seek healthy and shelf stable dog treat alternatives.

To better understand the advantages of frozen and dried treats compared to regular dog treats, a brief overview regarding the method of how they are made and manufactured is necessary. Freeze-drying is a safe and efficient food preservation strategy that refrains from incorporating chemical substances on the raw material or ingredient. In this food improvement method, the unprocessed raw material is frozen at below freezing point temperatures (“freeze”). Afterwards, all existing moisture is taken out or dehydrated from the frozen item(“dried”). The final appearance of the finished food is similar to kibbles. Normally, before eaten or served, frozen pet treats are first saturated with warm water.

The following are the main reasons why this frozen and dried treats will be the next favorite food item of your dog and an essential addition of your dog pantry:

  1. They are relatively less expensive than the regular organic dog treats. Because the liquid component was removed from the frozen treats, its overall size and weight are greatly reduced and compressed, resulting in a more cost-effective price to weight and size ratio.
  2. Freeze-dried treats have simple contents or ingredients. Dog owners have no reason to be wary of chemicals, flavorings and food coloring, because these frozen treats usually consist of a single material. Be warned though that certain freeze dried products have more than one ingredient. Consult and read the packaging labels carefully for the ingredients included in the item. The healthy dietary content of the food product is maintained and not affected by the freeze/dehydrate process. These food items are also recommended best dog training treats for dogs that experience underlying illnesses such as obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, food allergies, etc.
  3. Freeze-dried treats are safe from spoilage and can be stored easily. Harmful microorganisms and contaminants need moisture to survive and replicate, so, because of the mentioned process, bacteria can no longer develop in the product, preventing possible spoilage. This enables these frozen treats to have a longer shelf life and better storage arrangements.

Freeze dried treats are the best training treats for dog owners who are looking for nutritious alternatives to commercial non-organic treats but find organic food treats expensive and difficult to stock. These treats provide the best of both categories, maintaining the healthy value of the raw ingredient yet assuring a longer shelf life.

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