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Extreme Dog Fence Second Generation – 2021 – Standard Grade Review


Installing the best invisible dog fence can give dog owners much-needed peace of mind. The latest model by Extreme Dog Fence Second Generation comes loaded with all the right bells and whistles, in a system that’s designed to keep your pet on your property using the latest in invisible fence tech.

Our Verdict: If you don’t mind the tough manual labor that comes with burying the wire and setting up the system, then Extreme Dog Fence Second Generation offers one of the best packages on the market. It comes with five hundred feet of wire, one collar, a receiver, training flags, and a user’s manual that will walk you through how to set up the system and how to train your dog to use it. The eight correction levels to choose from for the collar will allow you to customize the setting based on your dog’s size and their response. This set is expandable, so you can purchase extra collars if you have more dogs. This fence has a reputation for durability and reliability. If you’re looking for a system that offers a top of the line performance, then your search is over.

Overview and Features of Extreme Dog Fence

This fence system will prevent your pet from leaving your property and keep them contained in the boundary area, so they’re safe from busy streets and won’t wander off. But considering this is a wired system, you’ll have to take into consideration that setting up this fence is going to take a lot of manual labor on your part.

Extreme Dog Fence - Second Generation -2019- Standard Grade

Our Rating: (5/5)


  • Reliable
  • Affordable
  • Includes eight correction levels
  • Training flags
  • Expandable
  • Copper core wires

Package Details

This is a do-it-yourself system that consists of one thousand feet of boundary wire. To ensure that this is enough to surround the perimeter of your yard, you’ll need to carefully measure before you buy. The wire is a twenty-gauge solid copper core, which is much thicker than the average twenty-gauge wire that’s used for lower-priced systems. Additionally, this set also comes with a receiver collar that’s built tough and one hundred percent waterproof. The set also includes training flags, a surge protector, splices, and landscape staples. The fence is also coated with a polyethylene jacket that’s UV resistant and buried directly into the ground.


This device arrives set to a default frequency, however, you can adjust it to a different one based on reception clarity. The included wire and temperature check feature will counter any fluctuating weather conditions that can impact signal clarity. The transmitter will cover up to six acres of land, which is a huge plus for pet owners who live on a larger property.

Since this system is wire-based, it offers a reliable signal, unlike wireless systems that use a weaker signal that’s prone to interference. Unlike lower-priced competing systems that have issues with shifting correction zones due to cold weather, this set’s fence transmitter is equipped with built-in electronics that are designed to compensate for this type of issue, resulting in a consistent boundary.


This set comes with one collar, which can be a downside if you own more than one dog. However, you can purchase extra collars for this set, straight from the manufacturer. The collar features a total of eight control settings. When you first begin training, I recommend turning the collar down to the lowest correction level in order to get your dog used to the collar gradually.

The collar uses static correction. While it won’t hurt your pet, the static correction is certainly uncomfortable. You will need to slowly adjust the correction setting based on your dog’s response to the system. The collars are battery-powered, however, the batteries are not rechargeable, so you’ll need to keep batteries on hand if the juice starts to run low. A weak battery can equal an ineffective system.

The collar itself is very light and small. It offers an ergonomic fit that won’t irritate your dog’s skin.

Setting Static Correction Level


You’ll set the collar’s correction level via the transmitter. The zero setting will emit a tone only. This is the setting used for training purposes. Levels one to five consists of the low to high correction settings, while six to seven are progressive corrections. This means that the collar will sense how fast your dog is moving toward the boundary, automatically increasing the correction level accordingly. Each of the collars can be individually adjusted so you can customize the correction level of each dog if you have more than one. This collar is powered by a small six-volt perimeter battery that will last two to four months. You can easily replace the battery by unscrewing the battery compartment on the collar.


While many manufacturers claim that their receiver collars are waterproof, they usually mean the collars are water-resistant only, so the collars can handle light rainfall. This collar is different. It’s one hundred percent waterproof, which means it can handle submersion and will still work. The collar can safely be submerged up to one hundred feet deep, which is pretty impressive.

Boundary Flags

The white boundary flags are part of your pet’s new training program. These flags should be placed around the perimeter of your yard. A dog will learn how to easily identify their new boundary, via the flag. Training your pet with these flags is relatively simple. The included user’s guide will go into detail regarding how to slowly train your pet using the flags and the new collar on a low setting. Once your pet starts to get the hang of the new system you can begin to slowly remove the flags. On average, most pets will learn how to use the new fence within one to two weeks, however, every dog is different.


This system is designed for dogs of all sizes, so it can be used for toy, small, medium, and large breeds. According to the manufacturer, it can accommodate pets from eight pounds up to one hundred and twenty pounds, with a neck size that measures in up to twenty-six inches.

This is a great system and one that will allow your pet to play in the yard without the worry of your pet escaping or accessing a part of the yard they shouldn’t be in, such as the play area for the kids or the garden.


The boundary wire must be buried one to three feet deep in order to handle inclement weather. Before installing, determine the fence’s layout and choose a transmitter location. Most pet owners will use a shed, utility room, or  garage. Next, you’ll take the wire and lay it on top of your lawn, around the perimeter, to determine if it’s long enough and how it should be set up. Testing the system is the next step. This should be done before the wire is buried. Choose the collar correction level on the transmitter, then set the range for the warning zone. If the system is working correctly, then you can bury the wire.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Ground Electric Dog Fence


  • Waterproof collar
  • Five-hundred feet of wire
  • Twenty-gauge solid copper wire
  • Eight correction levels to choose from
  • Can be used on properties up to six acres
  • Expandable


  • You have to dig up the yard to bury the wire
  • Batteries in collar are not rechargeable

Extreme Dog Fence Versus PetSafe Wireless Dog and Cat Containment System

The competing model, the PetSafe wireless dog and cat containment system, can handle half an acre and is a wireless system, so it’s portable and much easier to set up. However, with wireless systems, you’ll have to worry about interference with the signal, which can be caused by large structures on your land, trees, and more. Because of this, you’ll have to be careful concerning where you place the transmitter.

The biggest plus with this system is the fact that you don’t have to bury wire, but this easy setup is actually a tradeoff for the reliability that the Extreme Dog system offers.

It also includes a waterproof collar that will work for pets eight pounds and up, with a neck size of six inches up to twenty-eight inches. Instead, of eight correction level settings, the competition offers just five. Considering it lacks the coverage and reliability that this wired system offers, if you have a large property, or you’re looking for one of the most reliable invisible fence systems on the market, then I’d stick with this set by Extreme Dog and avoid a wireless system if you have a large property.

Conclusion and Rating of Extreme Dog Fence

Our Rating: (5/5)

ExtremeThe Extreme Dog Fence Second Generation system is perfect for all breeds up to one hundred and twenty pounds. This system is a great buy for the pet owner in search of an invisible fence that has a reputation for accuracy and reliability. You won’t have to worry about interference from wireless devices in the area like you would with a wireless system. Instead, this fence offers a reliable performance, a constant signal, and a setup that will ensure your pet remains safely protected within the boundary of your property. I gave this system a rating of five out of five stars.

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