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Do They Make Weight Control Dog Treats?

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The secret of creating a strong bond with a dog lies within the treat. However, determining what treat is best for your dog is very important. As the owner, it’s best to carefully determine why you need the treat and find the best one for the purpose. Training isn’t a one day process; therefore, they is a great danger of dog putting on excessive weight if treats are not well looked into.

Various Dog training treats available today.

There are various kinds of treats in the market today manufactured to assist in controlling the calories given to your dog. The artificial treats are designed for a different purpose to various dogs. For instance, some puppy treats are made to help the puppies put on weight as well as increase hips while others designed to reduce dogs weight.

Natural treats for Dogs

Not all the treats are made. Some of them are locally available as human food within our environment. They contain special nutrients that are best for the dogs. Some of the locally available foods that act as dog treats are Carrots, Apples, bananas, cooked sweet potatoes, broccoli, and sweet melons, among others.

Artificial treats for Dogs.

Artificial treats are those treats that are man made. They are made to act as supplements to a dog’s diet. They contain special elements designed for different functions like the reduction of calories for overweight dogs. These treats are available in international markets like Amazon.

Some of the artificial treats include:

  • Freeze Dried Liver.dried liver is necessary to encourage your puppy as well as to help it in putting on weight.


  1. Skimmy Bakes.

  • To help your puppy put on less weight that it can comfortably support.
  1. Fruitables Skinny Minis.

  • To reduce the weight of obese puppies. They contain low calories, therefore, best for training
  1. Old Mother Hubbard.

  • Treat contains low fat, which controls the amount of weight your dog carries. The low fat ensures that fewer calories are feed to your dog, consequently controlling its weight.
  1. Natural Balance Mean rewards.

  • For most treating dogs than usual, especially those in very active life stages. Dogs within the adolescent stage tend to be most active. They actively interact with their environment, so they deserve Natural balance and rewards.

To choose the best treat for your dog.

  • The best treat will depend on the number of factors such as the convenience of the treat to you, the size of the treat which should be relatively small as possible, you should determine how beneficial the treat is to the dog’s health and also how sweet and tasty is it to your dog.
  • You’re given the food you don’t like or not sweet or food that you can’t comfortably swallow! I strongly believe that you won’t like it or maybe you may curse the source. Just the same to your dog; give the best treat for your dog too for best performance and sound mutual relationship.

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