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Did You Know Fermented Apples Can Be A Healthy Dog Treat?

dog and an apple

Sometimes, dogs just seem to gun after the oddest of all foods, rotten apples top this list. Your dog may seem unusually attracted to an orchard and its fruit dropping. It’s fine to worry but how about you know that these fallen apples actually do your pet a great deal of good. Yeah, that soft, mushy mound lying on the ground is really a healthy treat for your dog.

Do check below for the amazingness of feeding your dog with fermented apples.

  1. Contain Lots of Probiotics

Fermented veggies and fruits are laced with truckloads of probiotics! This enhances your dog’s immune enabling it to combat diseases especially those in his guts as probiotics store up in the digestive system. They aid digestion when mixed with meals but work far better when taken between meals.

  1. Friendly Bacteria

Fermented apples contain a 100 times the average number of friendly bacteria you may find in those expensive supplements. It sure would be better to go for the free and easily assessable ones in your backyard. And not only do they count more, they also contain a wider variety of these bacteria.

In this way, your dog receives that relevant bacterial balance especially after been given antibiotics. This gives your dog that optimum bacteria content it so rightly deserves.

  1. Fermented Apples Detoxify

Fermented apples does not just boost your dog’s capacity to fight diseases, it also helps him detox. This means that heavy and unnecessary toxins that store up in your pet’s body gets dissolved. These toxins as well as heavy metals are caused by pesticides, vaccines, pollution and even your dog’s meal. Well then, a meal combats another meal’s negative after-effect.

  1. More Nutrients

It would amaze you to know that your dog derives a higher nutritional content when he takes fermented fruits than when he consumes the fresh ones. This may seem absurd but it is true in the real sense. For instance, fresh cabbage contains far less vitamin C that fermented cabbage (the sauerkraut)

How to Make Fermented Apples By Yourself

Now you know the wholesome goodies that fermented apples bring to your dog. But you don’t get to find apples dropping in your backyard everyday apples. So you also have to learn the whole concept of making it yourself right in your living room!

Follow these steps and you are good to go:

  •         Get three medium-sized organic sweet apples (do only organic). Chop away their tops and lay them aside. Then cut the apples into small pieces.
  •         Heat salt and zested lemon over medium heat in filtered water in a pot till it simmers.
  •         Soak these pieces in the boiled filtered water leaving an inch or two at the top.
  •         Place the chopped apple top on top of the water, compressing the pieces.
  •         Place a coffee filter or cheese cloth over the jar
  •         Place the jar under room temperature for 4 days. Check for fermentation as the brine should now be bubbling. They also should be tasty with a tinge of sourness.
  •         Once the apples become fermented, they should be kept for 3 months in the fridge. This cold temperature would stop the fermentation.

Use this formula so well and make your dog an immunized, detoxified and strong pet indeed.

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