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Avoiding the Most Common Dog Diseases

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When deciding to take care of a dog or any pet, there are plenty of things you need to prepare in order for your pet to live comfortably. Aside from making sure you have healthy dog food and the best training treats ready to nourish him and to start training him, you also need to make sure he has somewhere to sleep, he has bath supplies and he has a leash and collar for walking.

It’s pretty similar to preparing for a baby to arrive and join your household. In the sense that you want to give your bet all the comfort and care so that he thrives in your home. You also need to make sure that he is safe and secure. Some of us will ask our vets for vitamins and the schedule for shots. Because in the first weeks, and even in the first few months, of a dog’s life, he is pretty vulnerable. This means he is prone to getting sick. And when he gets sick, his body won’t be able to overcome the common diseases there are for dogs.

Canine distemper is one of the leading causes of a dog’s death. Being a viral disease, dogs have a really high risk of contracting this virus, especially if they are left to wander anywhere by themselves.

Canine Parvo is also a very contagious and a very common virus in dogs. It also has a high fatality rate because it attacks those with low immune systems, like puppies.

For both serious diseases, the infected dog must be cared for by providing him lots of fluids, rest, and by encouraging him to eat by offering the best dog training treats and snacks. These will help keep his energy up and will help him fight the virus.

Rabies is also common in dogs and it’s caught when through a bite of an infected animal. What’s worse is that it can also affect humans. There’s no cure for this viral disease. And it always takes the life of a dog once he becomes infected. It’s important to take care of your pet and make sure he does not get into situations where he could bite or get bitten. Complete and maintain his rabies shots as well to keep him safe from this disease.

Heartworm is a common parasite that infects dogs. It lives in the dog’s heart and causes problems in his heart and blood circulation. To prevent this, keep your dog’s shots updated and make sure he eats healthy. The best dog training treats and chews can help in keeping your dog disciplined in eating from his own bowl. The best training treats can also help in making him obedient, so that he won’t wander off anywhere. These help him avoid getting Heartworm, which is commonly spread when dogs share bowls with other dogs who happen to be infected, or when they eat in unsafe and unclean places.

Remember, these diseases are really common and very serious. But with your effort and attention, with proper preparation and regular veterinarian visits for check-up and shots, plus providing him with the best food, snacks, chews and the best dog training treats, these fatal illnesses can be avoided. And your dog can be safe from harm. 

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