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Can You Raise Your Dog as a Vegan?

vegan dog treat

In this day and age, eating healthy has become a top priority for most of us. We prepare healthy meals for our family. Some of us do portion control. Some adopt some sort of diet to curb sweets and carbs. Some schools even disallow, bringing unhealthy lunch and snacks for the kids. 

A growing number of people also go the route of becoming vegans. And they have their fur babies join them. 

If you’re wondering if going vegan for your dog is healthy for him, you should know that a plant-based diet is not only beneficial for humans but also for our dogs. Some of the best kibble and the best training treats in the market are plant-based. 

Speaking of the best dog training treats, more and more pet owners are switching to the vegan variety available in the market. Not only are they able to train their dogs with these treats, but they also keep their furry friends healthy and strong. 

If you are worried that a vegan diet will not satisfy your pet’s nutritional requirements, don’t worry. Think of it the same way you would approach veganism in humans. You need to make sure that your meals have a balanced amount of protein, carbohydrates, and healthy fat. For example, some of the best dog training treats in the market make use of protein and fat alternatives instead of meat. Marine algae are a great source of fat. And yeast provides the dietary requirement for protein. 

Here’s a fun trivia for you. Do you know what other “ingredient” some of the best training treats and dry kibble out there have? Crickets. You read that right, crickets. It turns out, and they are a great source of protein. And there are some people who even consume this insect as part of their daily diet. Rice, beans, and potatoes are also some of the great ingredients that make up these dog food, snacks, chews, and dog training treats. Some innovative brands have even come up with additional benefits for dogs. Their best dog training treats are also calming treats that help your pet with their anxiety and stress. It’s pretty awesome if you ask me. 

Now, part of being successful in raising a dog is making sure he is satisfied with his meals and that you have the best training treats for him to be motivated to follow your directions. The companies that have slowly emerged in the market to create these vegan dog foods can vouch for the tastiness of their products. 

More importantly, even PETA or the People for Ethical Treatment of Animals advocate the road of being vegan for our animal friends. As we all know, this organization is against any form of violence and abuse to animals. They have given their full support and endorsement to using vegan and plant-based pet food. To the group, the best dog training treats, kibble, biscuits, and chews are those that do not harm the planet and do not harm the animals.  

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