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Certain Fruits Can Reduce Chronic Inflammation in the Dog

feeding dog fruits

Chronic inflammation is one of the results of many health problems in dogs and cats, and it happens basically when free radicals are set free from the cell under oxidative stress, so instead of fighting against harmful materials or invaders in the system, the body reacts to its own cells, creating an immune response that goes wrong, and it creates problems in their digestive system. Thankfully there are many ways in which we can help them, most of them including changes in their diets, and in case of obesity, some exercise as well. So how can a change on a diet help them fight chronic inflammation? What foods and fruits are best for getting good results?

Our dog’s diet is directly related to this issue since the microbiome inside their digestive system plays an important role in the build-up of a healthy immune response to pathogens and harmful substances that threatens the body since what they eat determines what kind of bacteria inhabits the digestive tract. Some of these gut bacteria encourage inflammation when reacting to certain elements in the gut, while it’s been discovered that other bacteria actually have anti-inflammatory properties. Just as in humans, a diet that is high in saturated fats, processed food with conservatives and chemicals, sugar and processed carbohydrates has been shown to trigger the inflammatory symptoms, just like a diet too high in calories, that builds up fat tissue in the organism, that has been linked directly with chronic inflammation.

The best elements to add in their diets to help this issue are fruits, which are one of the best snacks and training treats you can use with your dog. Fruits are fresh, natural, and tasty, easy to include in their diets, and we can find in them loads of properties to have healthy and happy dogs.

  • Blueberries: loaded with antioxidants and fiber, blueberries along with the rest of the family of berries have been found to be the most efficient anti-inflammatory snack and the strongest antioxidant fruit in the market. They also help fight cancer and are a good source of vitamin C.
  • Papaya: This fruit has antioxidant properties that inhibit cell damage, and has the benefit, counter to other fruits loaded with vitamin C, to be low in citric acid levels, which make it easier for dogs to digest. Mangoes have a similar profile of properties and also help reduce arthritis pain.
  • Apples: they are fresh, and a good source of vitamins A & C, and fiber that plays an important part of your dog’s digestive system to flush out toxins and bad bacteria from the organism. Always remember when feeding apples and pears to remove the core and seeds.
  • Coconut: can be given in shreds, flakes, bites or oil, and apart from anti-inflammatory properties, it helps with arthritis pain, and is full of healthy fatty acids, and helps fight harmful bacteria, viruses, and infections.      

Remember to include also in their diets leafy green vegetables and omega-three fatty acids that are found in fish oil, to increase the desired effects and increase their wellness more and more every day.

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