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The Best Treats To Train An Overweight Dog With

Dog Corgi overweight and fatness with tapeline

A little treat now and then goes a long way in keeping one happy, doesn’t it? Isn’t that the case with dogs too? And this goes, without saying, for all kinds of dogs! However, how many treats are too many treats for your best dog training treats loving dog? 

Isn’t it just too adorable to see the excitement and the light in your dog’s behavior when you reach up in the kitchen cabinet for the treat bag? It is very easy to hand out a little too many of these goody treats just to see their excitement. However, treats, even a small amount of them- can add a lot of calories to your dog’s daily diet and can result in an overweight dog. 

It is indeed a true statement that we are what we eat, even for our dogs. Therefore, we must be very careful as to what goes inside our dog’s mouths. By just going through the set of guidelines given below and remembering them while giving treats to your dogs, you can have the best-est of the dogs- one who is satisfied with his treats and one who isn’t overweight! 

Read on to find out what you need to do to achieve it. 

Less is More!

To ensure that you are giving your dog proper dog nutrition, treats are to be given in moderation. They shouldn’t be given excessively. Treats must only comprise 5% of your best training treats, loving dog’s nutrition, and the rest of the nutrition must come from the daily diet of your pet. 

Do not give your pet a little bit of whatever it is that you are eating because that is a habit that is dangerous to have. However, it is a habit that most pet parents commonly have. This is one of the main reasons your dog becomes overweight. Always remember, less is more!

Train Your Pet Strategically

Most dog parents use treats to train their dogs. For performing various good behaviors like coming when called, performing tricks, and so on, they reward them with treats. However, it is important that when you have an overweight dog, you have to use treats very sparingly. 

When using them during training, ensure that they are very small treats instead of big ones. If the treats you have bought are big, break them into bite-sized pieces and give them to your dog as treats. 

Snacks, Not Food!

It is best if you think of your treats as snacks rather than food because then you will give your dog very little amounts of treats. This way, it is ensured that your dog will not have to deal with a lot of treats going inside their tummy. This ensures that your pet will lead a healthy and happy life!

Look Up Other Options

If you already have a very overweight dog, it is time to change your treat methodology. You can choose other forms of treats. All kinds of dogs respond very well to physical affection, a new toy, verbal praise, playtime and/or exercise, and so on in place of a snack reward.

These are some of the things you can do to train your overweight dog. Train them with care and love, and you will soon have a happy, sound, and healthy dog! 

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