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Best Floors for Dogs: Buyer’s Guide & Top 5 Picks

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If you have dogs, then you already know that choosing the best floors for dogs can save you from constant cleaning, repairs, and flooring replacement. This is especially true if you have multiple dogs or large breed dogs. In this buyer’s guide, I’ll go over the best types of flooring for dogs, including low maintenance and durable options. I’ve also included some great product recommendations that are able to withstand even the rowdiest dogs.

Below, you’ll find a comparison chart that includes each type of flooring that landed on my list, how it rated, and the characteristics that it has to offer that will make maintenance and routine cleaning  a cinch.

Floors for Dogs Comparison Chart

ProductTypeWater-ResistantColor OptionsRating
Luxury Vinyl Floor Tiles
by Lucida USA

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Wood Flooring

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Luxury Vinyl Floor Tiles
by Lucida USA

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Diflart Cantha Oak
Engineered Hardwood
Vinyl Plank Flooring

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Plank Flooring

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Best Overall-Luxury Vinyl Floor Tiles by Lucida USA

Our Rating: (5/5)

Many pet experts believe that vinyl is the best flooring for dogs. This luxury vinyl floor tile by Lucinda is stylish on the surface and strong at the core. The luxury vinyl pet friendly flooring features a wood grain texture that’s designed to feel and look like hardwood flooring. Considered one of the most durable flooring options, this vinyl flooring is easy to clean and easy to install. Each tile has micro-bevel edges, with HD film prints that are designed to look like genuine hardwood flooring. It’s also mildew- resistant and waterproof, thanks to the IXPE sound reduction underlayment which won’t absorb water. Unlike bamboo flooring, this luxury vinyl is also scratch resistant and abrasion resistant. The glue used binds the multi-layer design for long-lasting wear.


  • Pet friendly
  • Waterproof
  • UV protection
  • Scratch and abrasion resistant
  • Easy to clean


  • Price


This pet friendly interlocking luxury vinyl flooring is easy to clean, abrasion and scratch resistant, and is coated with 4x UV mil wear protection. Each tile is also finished with a ceramic and urethane bead for long lasting protection. Affordable, beautiful, and available in thirteen color options.

Best Wood Flooring-Wood Flooring Tiles

Our Rating: (4.5/5)

If you want pet friendly flooring, these hardwood interlocking tiles are a great choice. Each hardwood set comes with a total of ten tiles that measure in at 12×12 inches. This pet friendly flooring is made out of 100% solid teak wood with a base that’s made out of PPC material that’s durable and will not break. Pet owners will also appreciate the hardwood  UV protection that prevents fading, even under harsh sunlight.


  • Can handle heavy wear and tear
  • Easy to maintain
  • Water resistant
  • Beautiful hardwood material
  • Durable


  • Difficult to snap together


This solid hardwood flooring can be used indoors and outdoors, thanks to their waterproof design. This hardwood flooring is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a flooring option that can protect against pet accidents, and one that’s durable and affordable. This flooring is also a great option for pet owners on a budget and people searching for flooring that’s designed to last.

Best Stone Tile-Luxury Vinyl Floor Tiles by Lucida USA

Our Rating: (4.5/5)

These natural stone colored tiles are made out of vinyl material that’s stylish and strong. The tile’s smooth texture feels like natural stone and is available in four color options. The tiles are easy to clean and waterproof and mildew resistant. This pet friendly flooring is resistant to scratches and abrasions, making it a great choice in a home with large dogs. The tile itself is also very easy to install, featuring four interlocking sides and a design that’s compatible with almost any type of surface.


  • Easy to clean
  • Perfect for a multi-dog home
  • Resistant to scratches
  • Durable


  • Tiles will not stay connected if floor is not perfectly level


This stone luxury vinyl tile is perfect for owners looking for dog friendly floors. Keep in mind, while the tile may look like stone, it’s actually made out of durable vinyl. It’s easy to clean and maintain, especially when compared to hardwood. It’s also one of the most affordable options on the market, especially if you need flooring that can handle heavy traffic and plenty of wear and tear.

Top Laminate Floor for Large Dogs-Diflart Cantha Oak Engineered Hardwood Vinyl Plank Flooring

Our Rating: (4.5/5)

This is the best flooring for dogs that love to play and run around in the home, homes with seniors who have occasional accidents, and homes with pups that are not quite housebroken. This engineered hardwood vinyl plank flooring by Diflart is stain resistant, easy to maintain, and waterproof. This flooring easily clicks together for fast and simple installation. The underlayment is pre-attached and designed to minimize sound. The flooring is also shock-absorbing and features a durable wear layer and a rigid core. Unlike bamboo flooring or solid hardwood flooring, this tile flooring will not mold or warp if water is not wiped up promptly. This is great laminate flooring for dogs and it’s designed for use in higher traffic areas including the bathroom, kitchen, and other main living spaces.


  • Water resistant
  • Great flooring option for pets
  • Beautiful wood look
  • Can handle pet accidents


  • Can chip easily during installation


This top engineered hardwood vinyl flooring can be installed over solid hardwood, traditional vinyl, tile, and concrete. This laminate flooring is easy to maintain, is water resistant, and perfect for pets who tend to get a little rowdy or love to play in the home. It features a beautiful wood look, without the high maintenance care that traditional hardwood floors require.

Best Flooring for Pet Owners on a Budget-SELKIRK Vinyl Plank Flooring

Our Rating: (4/5)

This vinyl flooring is 100% waterproof, so it’s perfect if you have a dog that isn’t housebroken, or an older dog who is prone to accidents. Considering the price, it’s also the best flooring if you’re on a tight budget. The floor itself is very easy to install, you won’t have to worry about acclimation time or preparing the subfloor. The flooring is covered by a limited lifetime fifteen-year residential warranty or a five-year light commercial warranty.


  • Protects against scratches
  • Will not stain
  • Waterproof
  • Durable


  • Can chip easily


When installed correctly, these floors are simply beautiful. This is one of the best options for pet owners in search of a flooring material that protects against scratches, water damages, and stains. Because of the durable design, you can easily keep your floors looking great, with proper maintenance.

Floors for Dogs Buyer’s Guide

Carpet, tile, and hardwood floors can all be poor choices in homes with dogs. When you’re shopping for flooring, you want to make sure you don’t choose a type that’s a magnet for pet hair, and one that offers durability, stain resistance, and won’t easily be damaged by water, pet messes, or rough play.

A dog can cause some serious damage to your floors. From pet accidents, hair, stains, and scratches, your floors will go through a lot if you have a dog or two at home. The best solution is switching to flooring that’s specifically designed to handle a hyper dog that’s large, clumsy, and loves to run across the floor and enjoy some playtime with their humans.

Factors to Consider When Buying Flooring for Dogs

Dog waiting to play in house

Fortunately, it’s totally possible to enjoy beautiful floors and have pets at the same time. The most important thing is to do your research and find the right flooring for your home and your pets. There are many factors you’ll want to take into consideration when you’re shopping around for flooring that’s dog-friendly.

Scratch Resistance

Some pets have long sharp nails that can easily damage a floor. This is especially true if you have a large breed dog that loves to play in the house. Look for flooring that’s durable and scratch resistant.

Stain Resistance

For pets that are not yet housebroken or those who have the occasional accident in the home, flooring that’s stain resistant will be crucial.


Some types of flooring is very slick, offering little to no traction. Look for textured flooring options that can make it safer and easier for your pet to walk across the floor. This will be very important if you have an older dog or pets with arthritis or joint problems.


Flooring material may have adhesive backing or it will have an interlocking design, so each tile or plank snaps together. Both types have their pros and cons and each type can also equal a long and tricky installation process, especially if you’ve never laid a floor before. If you’re new to floor installation, make sure you get some help from someone with prior experience.

Types of Dog Floors

There are many types of flooring to choose from such as laminate and hardwood, but when it comes to the types of flooring that are perfect for dogs of all ages, you need to choose wisely. There are plenty of options out there, but some of these options can be pretty pricey, while other options just aren’t as durable as some manufacturers claim they are. In the end, you want floors that are safe for pets and a type that’s low maintenance.

Now, let’s take a look at some of the best flooring options for dogs, to help you narrow down your choices and find the perfect flooring for your home.

Bamboo Flooring

This flooring is very affordable, which is one of the reasons it’s such a popular option for pet owners. Bamboo is very hard, however, it’s not the most scratch-resistant option on the market. Many people that switch to bamboo flooring have complaints one to two years after installation, noting that the flooring has scratches due to long nails. However, if you have a pet that often has accidents in the home, then a scratched floor may be worth it. Bamboo is naturally resistant to stains, which will be a huge selling point for many dog owners. Additionally, this natural material is also very easy to clean.

An Eco-Friendly Option

Some pet owners will also choose this flooring type because it’s eco-friendly.

Another problem you may encounter with bamboo flooring is splinters. If the flooring becomes damaged, bamboo tends to splinter, which is something you’ll want to consider if you’re looking for the best flooring for dogs. If you decide to go with bamboo flooring, prepare to purchase top of the line flooring tiles. Cheap bamboo is prone to mildew growth and warping. If you decide to get this type of material, make sure you find good quality flooring. While bamboo can give your home a clean, modern look, it may not be the best flooring for dogs.


Vinyl is one of the top flooring choices on the market. This type of material offers many benefits, and it’s available at a low price. If you have a large breed dog that loves to run around inside the home, then vinyl, which is scratch resistant, can be an excellent choice. Another benefit that vinyl flooring offers is its stain resistance.

Unfortunately, vinyl flooring isn’t the best choice if you have dogs that often have accidents inside the home. If your pet urinates on the floor, it must be cleaned up as soon as possible since mildew or mold can develop.

A Top Choice for Pet Owners

girl and her dog playing on the floor

Overall, many pet owners agree that vinyl tile flooring is the best option for pets. The flooring itself is available in small to large sized tiles or plank form with adhesive backing. Some may have an interlocking design that allows the planks or tile flooring to easily snap together. Vinyl is durable and designed to imitate a number of other flooring materials including stone, hardwood, bamboo, and more.

Additionally, unlike other types of flooring material, vinyl offers great traction, which is important for all pets, especially seniors who can seriously injure themselves if they fall.


Laminate flooring is durable and scratch resistant. Many types of laminate flooring are designed to imitate the look of hardwood flooring and can even be made to look like natural stone. Inside, laminate flooring is made out of synthetic materials. So, you’ll enjoy the benefits of hardwood flooring, without any of the drawbacks. Additionally, this type of flooring is the top choice for homes with small children and any homeowner who wants to keep their floors looking new. This material is easy to keep clean, so it’s a good option for pets who are not yet housebroken.

Cork Flooring

Cork flooring is another affordable, popular option among pet owners; however, cork is prone to damage. Most brands of cork flooring have a protective treatment on the surface that prevents water damage, however, if your pet has sharp nails, they can easily take chunks out of the cork floor’s surface or leave unsightly scratches. If you decide to go with cork, make sure the cork flooring earned a high rating for durability and that it has a protective surface coating that guards against this type of damage.


These days, carpet seems to be a thing of the past. There are many pros and cons to having carpet in your home if you have pets, especially if you’re dealing with shag carpet. Unfortunately, regardless of its length or thickness, carpet is just very hard to care for. Not only will carpet hold onto odors, dirt, debris, and fleas, but it can also be a breeding ground for bacteria, which makes it one the poorest choices for pets. Materials such as laminate and tile are much easier to care for and maintain. Carpet, on the other hand, may need to be replaced often, especially if you have pets that inappropriately eliminate, pets that are destructive, or if you don’t promptly clean and dry any spills. While some pets may do fine on carpet, if you want floors that will last, avoid carpet at all costs and choose a laminate, vinyl, or wood floor instead.

Why You Should Avoid Porcelain Tile Flooring

Porcelain tile may be beautiful, can handle pet accidents and pet hair, but it’s definitely not the best flooring for dogs. The best flooring for dogs should be water resistant and should also be durable and should allow your dog to move around the home freely, whether they’re walking, trotting, or running through the house. The biggest problem with porcelain is that it breaks, scratches, and chips easily, so it loses points for durability. It can also be difficult for some pets to walk on, especially seniors. If the floor is slick, then it’s also an accident waiting to happen. So, while porcelain is beautiful, it should definitely be avoided at all costs if you want to get the best flooring for dogs and a material that’s safe for pets of all ages and sizes.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Best Scratch Resistant Flooring?

Vinyl flooring is the top choice for a scratch resistant floor in homes with pets and small children. If you’re looking for durability, go with vinyl. If you like to keep your floors looking spotless, vinyl is also a great choice.

Is Pergo Flooring Good for Dogs?

Pergo is a top brand of laminate flooring that’s designed to lock out dust and dirt and offers the type of durability that most pet owners are looking for. The biggest drawback you’ll get with this type of flooring is the high price tag.

Are Hard Floors Bad for Dogs?

A dog can injure themselves when they slip and fall on slick flooring, which will keep them on their guard in the home. While hardwood and tile floors are beautiful, they don’t offer much traction for dogs and are a poor choice for large hyper breeds and seniors.

Final Thoughts

Imagine floors that are easy to clean, affordable, and look great. The flooring types I’ve gone over here are all great choices for dogs of all ages and sizes.

The best floors for dogs will provide some traction, allowing them to safely walk or run across the floor, without falling. The floor should also be made out of material that’s scratch resistant and stain resistant. Using this guide and researching the products I’ve recommended here will make it much easier for you to find the perfect type of flooring for your home, your pets, and your budget.

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