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Best Dog Costumes in 2021: Buyer’s Guide & Top 5 Costumes

Funny fawn French Bulldog dog girl dressed up in pirate costume with hat and hook

All dog parents enjoy dressing up their pets once Halloween comes around. The best dog costumes allow you to get really creative, while dressing up your canine for a fun night on the town or handing out candy. Whether you need an outfit for your pet’s upcoming birthday or Halloween is rolling around, finding the right costume, one that showcases your dog’s personality, and a costume that fits well, is important. Like you, I love dressing up my pup for the holidays, so I decided to put together this buyer’s guide, which includes the different types and style options available. I also discuss the importance of finding the right size, to ensure your pup remains happy and comfortable during the holidays. Below, you’ll find a comparison chart of the top costumes that landed on my top five list, and important info concerning size options, and much more.

Dog Costume Comparison Chart

ProductBreedSize OptionsMaterialRating
Mogoko Funny Dog
Cat Shark Costumes

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Rubie's Ewok Star
Wars Dog Costume

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Rubie's Disney: Toy Story
Pet Costume

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Rubie's Puppy Latte
Pet Costume

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Dog Costume

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Best Dog Halloween Costume-Mogoko Funny Shark Dog Costume

Our Rating: (5/5)

If you and the kids are having a hard time choosing the right costume for your pup, this fun, colorful shark dog outfit by Mogoko is one every family member can agree on.  The costume is available in seven size options, ranging from small to XXXL. This may be the perfect Halloween outfit for all breeds, but it’s also impressively warm, so it can keep a short haired pooch comfortable and warm when worn in cooler weather. The outer material is made out of a soft velvet, with a microfiber interior. Most importantly, the outfit is easy to put on and remove. It features a four-button closure, with elastic, for a little flexibility, allowing your pet to move freely.


  • Seven size options
  • Made out of microfiber and velvet materials
  • Comfortable
  • Low price


  • Not recommended for dogs under three pounds


Comfortable, plush, and breathable, your pup will look like a fierce little shark zooming around the neighborhood on Halloween night. The velvet and microfiber materials will keep your pooch comfortable and warm, without overheating them, as you and the kids spend a fun night trick of treating or handing out candy. Perfect for breeds ranging from small to XXXL, your furry friend will be one happy customer in this dog costume that’s clearly designed with comfort in mind.

Top Costumes for Small Breeds-Rubie’s Ewok Star Wars Dog Costume

Our Rating: (4.5/5)

This Ewok pup ensemble features a step-in design that makes it easier to put the costume on or remove it. This Halloween dog costume is available in four size options ranging from small to extra-large. These size options can be somewhat limiting for the dog owner who has a smaller or larger breed. Before ordering, measure your dog to make sure the costume will fit comfortably. Additionally, the costume is made out of polyester, which is breathable and stretchy, so this outfit will not cause chafing, excessive sweating, or discomfort.


  • Made out of breathable, stretchy fabric
  • Easy step-in design
  • Lightweight material
  • Includes attached hood


  • Only four size options available


Star Wars fans in search of dog Halloween costumes that are comfortable, breathable, and downright affordable, will fall in love with this charming outfit of one of the most ionic characters in the franchise. Keep in mind, sizing options are very limited, so measuring your pup before you buy is highly recommended.

Best Value-Rubie’s Disney: Toy Story Pet Costume

Our Rating: (4.5/5)

This Toy Story Woody costume is a big seller at popular retail stores such as Party City, but this version by Rubie’s is a steal for the price and designed for the Pixar fan who’s looking for a Toy Story costume that’s comfortable, breathable, and easy to put on and take off. It’s available in six sizes ranging from small up to XXXL. Your furry friend will look great in this full outfit that includes the iconic wood flannel, jeans, bandana, and cowboy hat.


  • Six size options available
  • Colorful
  • Affordable
  • Easy to put on and remove


  • Fabric is not stretchy
  • Material is very thin


This is the perfect Halloween outfit for Pixar fans. However, this costume is not without its issues. If you live in a part of the country that experiences colder winters, keep in mind, this costume will not keep your pet warm. The material is rather thin. Additionally, there’s not much stretch in the fabric, so you may need to go a size up to prevent chafing and discomfort if you plan on taking your pooch with you and the kids trick or treating.

Most Comfortable-Rubie’s Puppy Latte Pet Costume

Our Rating: (4.5/5)

Just one look at a pup dressed up in this iced latte dog costume will bring a smile to anyone’s face. The costume is very stretchy and made from a thick foam that will keep your pooch nice and warm when you hit the streets. The suit consists of foam ruffles, a headpiece and a bodysuit. It will work for small to extra-large breeds, however, the manufacturer recommends watching the sizing instruction video that will walk people through the measuring process.


  • Made out of foam
  • Easy to put on and remove
  • Low price
  • Comfortable


  • Outfit runs a size large

This latte ensemble by Rubie’s is perfect for the coffee lover in search of a comfortable, cute, outfit that’s easy to put on and remove. Some dog owners may be able to find the correct size for their pup, while others will need to search for an outfit that offers more give and flexibility, allowing their pup to move freely when walking and running. Because the sizes are somewhat limited for this costume, carefully measuring your dog before you buy is highly recommended.

Most Breathable-NACOCO Pirate Dog Halloween Costumes

Our Rating: (4/5)

Pirate dog halloween costumes like this one by Nacoco can be a total show stopper. Made out of polyester, the material is breathable and stretchy, so your pup can move freely, without worrying about chafing or discomfort. This ensemble comes with a suit with an attached hook and a hat. The outfit is machine washable, which will be a huge plus for any customer.


  • Made out of breathable material
  • Comfortable
  • Easy to put on
  • Covers the upper portion of the torso


  • Will not keep your pup warm in colder weather


If you’re not looking for full length dog Halloween costumes for your pup, then this pirate costume is a great alternative. The suit is worn on a pup’s forelegs and around the head, but will not cover the dog’s body entirely. The perfect dog Halloween outfit for the pet who doesn’t like to get dressed up, but may be able to tolerate a half style costume that only covers the upper portion of the body and head. This ensemble is perfect if you need a dog Halloween costume for a night out, or you want to have a fun family photo shoot.

Dog Costume Buyer’s Guide

Choosing Halloween costumes for your dog is all about having a great time and a little extra fun, giving your pet a new look. If you’re tired of the limited selection you often find at Party City every year, then it’s time to shop online on sites such as Amazon and enjoy a better selection and page after page of options.

The outfit you choose will depend on your dog’s breed, size, weight, and their personality. It’s always fun to dress a large breed dog up in a cute outfit that showcases their sweeter side, while it’s also hilarious to dress up a small breed dog in a tough costume that would be intimidating, if the dog wasn’t five pounds or less. Basically, finding the right outfit is all about having some fun with your pet. However, choosing the correct size will also be important.

Types of Costumes for Dogs

Fortunately, even the best dog costumes are very affordable, and there are several types of Halloween costumes to choose from, which I’ll go over below.


Superhero dog Halloween costumes can be very fun and eye-catching, for breeds of all sizes. You can often find a superhero ensemble that’s specifically designed for small or large breeds online on retail sites such as Amazon. While you may run into a couple of these types of style options in stores, I recommend ordering one online, since you’ll have a better selection in terms of style and sizes.


Some of the cutest costumes for dogs are food related. You’ll come across a wide range of food themed dog Halloween costumes, ranging from tacos and burgers, to donuts, cupcakes, coffee, and bacon. These ensembles are usually very bulky, which means they’ll be more comfortable to wear.


Searching for the perfect classy Halloween costumes or maybe you have a special occasion coming up? Why not go all out and buy your dog a tux? The best thing about these types of Halloween costumes, is that they can be used any time of year, for multiple special occasions. You’ll also find that many of the tuxes are surprisingly affordable, even for larger breeds.

Ghosts, Devils, and More

Looking for a scary outfit this Halloween? The options are almost endless. You’ll come across spiders, devils, ghouls, monsters, skeletons, and more. These costumes can be on the pricey side, compared to the other options, depending on exactly how detailed the item is and what type of materials it’s made out of. If you’ve decided to go for an elaborate ensemble, make sure it’s made out of breathable material, since pets can easily become overheated when they’re excited and dressed in multiple layers of clothing.

Other Important Factors

When it comes to costumes, most dog owners are on the same page. They want a look that’s eye-catching, and clothing that’s comfortable.

If you want to dress your dog up for the upcoming holidays, or a special occasion, make sure you plan ahead and order from Amazon well in advance, so you can exchange it if it’s not the look you expected, or it doesn’t fit your canine correctly.


Even if it’s a cool night, Halloween costumes that are not breathable can be very uncomfortable to wear. Make sure the outfit you choose is made out of breathable, lightweight materials.


Pay close attention to a manufacturer’s sizing chart and purchase Halloween costumes based on the measurements you have taken. Make sure the costume fits comfortably when you try it on your pup. The costume should not chafe under the legs or rub against the skin. Additionally, Halloween costumes that are too tight can cause a nervous or anxious dog to panic, or it can result in skin irritation.

Additionally, some manufacturers will make the shopping process a little easier by recommending an outfit for certain breed sizes ranging from extra-small, to extra-extra-large. While this can clue you in on roughly the size of dog the outfit will work for, it’s still important to measure your canine and use those measurements to choose a costume.

Below, I’ll go over exactly how to measure your dog, to ensure you end up with an outfit that’s a perfect fit.

How to Measure Your Dog for a Costume

Measuring your pup for a costume is pretty simple. All you’ll need is a measuring tape. Taking accurate measurements is essential since it will ensure your dog is safe and comfortable while wearing their new costume.

  • To begin, grab your measuring tape and something you can write down the measurements with.
  • Take off your pet’s collar and any other accessories they may be wearing to ensure the measurements are accurate.
  • First, you’ll measure their neck. To do, bring the measuring tape around mid-neck and check for a nice snug fit.
  • Next, you’ll measure their chest by bringing the measuring tape across the broadest part of their chest. You’ll need to add two inches to the measurement for comfort and breathing room.
  • Your dog’s back will also need to be measured. To do, bring the measuring tape from the base of the tail to the base of the neck and add a couple of inches for comfort.

Other Measuring Tips

  • When you measure your pet’s back, make sure you measure from the base of the tail, not the tip of the tail
  • Larger, heftier breeds will usually need a size larger, while slimmer breeds often benefit from a size smaller than what the measurements indicate.
  • Each brand will have a different size chart, so be sure you check your pet’s measurements against each manufacturer’s size chart before hitting that buy now button.
  • During the measuring process, make sure you give your canine plenty of positive reinforcement to keep them calm
  • If you find that your dog is in between sizes, always order a size larger opposed to a size smaller.

Costume Safety

Never force your pup to get dressed up. While some dogs will love Halloween costumes and the attention that comes with it, others will hate wearing one. If your pup doesn’t enjoy getting dressed up, avoid making them wear one since this can cause unwanted behaviors and can leave your animal stressed and anxious.

If your pet’s ensemble has small parts that can easily be removed, remove them yourself before placing the costume on your canine, especially if your pup is notorious for eating anything and everything in their path.

If you’ve decided to dress your canine up for the holidays, make sure you keep a close eye on them at all times, especially if they’re wearing an elaborate outfit that they can easily rip, walk out of, or one that can restrict their movements.

Avoid costumes that have the potential to restrict your pet’s airway. A costume should never fit too tightly. You may not be able to tell right away if one is too restrictive or tight, until your canine begins to walk around in it. Pay close attention to how your canine moves in their outfit and their reaction to wearing it. If the costume seems uncomfortable, remove it.

Where to Buy: Amazon or In-Store?

Amazon is one of the biggest online retailers for a good reason. Amazon offers a number of costumes, styles, and sizes to choose from, ensuring you find the perfect outfit for your canine. If you’ve been dressing the family dog up every Halloween, for years, then your go-to place to shop may be Party City. While Party City may offer a decent selection of different styles and sizes, you’ll have a better chance of finding one that offers the perfect fit if you shop online on sites such as Amazon. In most cases, people shop for Halloween costumes at Party City because of the convenience. But purchasing a new Halloween ensemble from Amazon or another online retailer will allow you to choose from a wider selection of costumes and more size options so you won’t have to compromise your pup’s comfort or style. Before you buy, make sure the manufacturer offers a return policy, so you won’t be stuck with an outfit that doesn’t fit correctly.

Read Reviews

You should also read customer reviews. While an item may earn a high rating on some retailer sites, it’s important to learn how each ensemble really fits, so you can determine whether the items you want to purchase run a size large or small, and what the outfit offers in terms of comfort, durability and insulation. Basically, reading reviews is the best way to find more information on the outfit you’re interested in for your canine and can help you avoid purchasing a costume that will end up being a total disaster.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Most Popular Dog Costume?

  • Witch
  • Ghost
  • Bumblebee
  • Cat
  • Hotdog
  • Superhero

Is Face Paint Toxic to Dogs?

No. Water-based paints can irritate a dog’s mucous membranes or skin, but the paint is not toxic.

Is Hair Color Spray Safe for Dogs?

Only use one that is specifically designed for dogs. Never use regular hair color spray that’s designed for humans. This can cause skin irritation or may cause them to choke and cough when you’re applying it.

Final Thoughts

The best costumes may earn plenty of laughs and delighted responses from family, friends, and guests. Best of all, your canine will feel loved and included. So, get started now and prepare for the upcoming holiday season by doing a little clothes shopping for your canine and choose one that’s comfortable, breathable, and one that fits perfectly.

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