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Best Dog Coats – Cheap Waterproof Jacket for Winter: Buyer’s Guide for 2021 and Top Rated Products

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A coat for your dog can provide protection and warmth from harsh winter conditions. The best coats for dogs are a must if you live in a part of the country that experiences freezing temperatures, high winds, sleet, heavy rainfall, or snow. Some coats even feature panels of reflective material that’s designed to make you and your pet highly visible to motorists and other pedestrians, in low light conditions.

But finding a dog coat isn’t as easy as it may sound. You need to ensure you purchase one that will actually provide the type of protection your dog needs, based on their size, breed, and where you live. My buyer’s guide will go over types of materials to look for, attachment options, and how to choose the right coat based on your dog’s needs. I’ve also included the best four models on the market that have a reputation for providing top of the line protection and a comfortable fit. Below, you’ll find a comparison chart that lists each of the coats that made it to my must-have list, the features they have to offer, and how they rated.

Dog Coats Comparison Chart

Kuoser Cozy Reversible Dog Coat
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Kurgo Dog Jacket
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Carhartt Chore Coat
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Vecomfy Small Dog Jacket
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Kuoser Cozy Reversible Winter Coat

Our Rating: (5/5)

This coat is perfect for breeds of all sizes, ranging from toy to extra-large. The jacket is made out of terylene, cotton, and polyester. The outer shell of the coat is waterproof, while the interior is plush and comfortable, providing excellent insulation. This coat is perfect for freezing temperatures and weather conditions that include sleet, rain, and snow.


  • Waterproof
  • Seven sizes available
  • Durable
  • Excellent insulation


  • Velcro loses its sticking ability after a few months


This coat is versatile, comfortable, and can handle a variety of weather conditions. There are also sizes available that will work with all breeds including extra-large breeds such as golden retrievers. However, the Velcro does lose some of it’s sticking power after a few months of use, which can be a big drawback for some pet owners. But considering the low price, this coat is definitely worth a second look.

Kurgo Dog Jacket

Our Rating: (4.5/5)

This model by Kurgo is adjustable, reflective, and reversible. Designed with comfort in mind, this model is perfect for those colder months, especially if you’re looking for a reflective coat your pet can use for early morning or late night walks. The jacket is also water-resistant and designed to withstand snow, rain, and sleet.


  • Lifetime warranty
  • Reversible
  • Waterproof
  • Thick insulation


  • Runs a couple of sizes small


This jacket will come in handy for harsh winters but may be overkill for parts of the country that experience milder winters. The coat is available in nine size options and is made out of reflective material that’s designed to make your pet highly visible in low light conditions. It’s a great buy if you’re looking for a coat that has a reputation for durability and comfort.

Carhartt Chore Coat

Our Rating: (4.5/5)

This Carhartt brand dog coat features a durable loop and hook closure and is made out of a ring spun cotton and nylon blend, complete with a water-repellent coating. The coat comes with a couple of pockets, so you can store treats or bags, and it works for small to extra-large breeds. Unfortunately, the coat will be too big for toy breeds.


  • Two pockets
  • Durable closure design
  • Water-repellent coating
  • Made out of nylon and cotton


  • Only four size options available


If you’re familiar with the Carhartt brand, then you know this is one durable jacket. The loop and hook closure is one of the most popular features since it works well to keep the coat securely in place, even for the most active pets.

Vecomfy Small Dog Jacket

Our Rating: (4/5)

This coat is made specifically for small breeds and features a cotton and fleece construction that’s designed to keep your dog warm in colder temperatures. However, since it’s not made out of waterproof material it’s not recommended for harsh winters and cannot keep your pet dry in the event of snow or rain.


  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Breathable
  • Soft


  • Designed for small breeds only


If you’re looking for a coat for chilly, windy days, then your search is over. This model may not be able to protect your pet from snow and rain, but it’s a great option for those overcast days. If you’re looking for a comfortable, warm coat for your small breed dog, one that comes with a heavily padded design, then hit that buy now button. Durable, breathable, lightweight, and perfect for moderate weather conditions, this coat is a steal for the price.

Dog Coats Buyer’s Guide

If you live in a warmer part of the country, then a dog coat may not be a necessity. This can also be true if you live in a part of the country that experiences harsh winter conditions if you have a breed of dog that’s lucky enough to have a dual coat. This means these breeds are well-equipped with a natural coat that will protect them from the elements. But there are many breeds that don’t have this type of natural coat. Just like you and I, a dog can get cold in freezing temperatures, which is why a coat is crucial, especially if you have dogs that have a fine coat, such as a chihuahua.

Benefits of Using Dog Coats

  • Dog coats aren’t just a way to dress up your pet. In fact, they’re a necessity if you live in a part of the country that experiences heavy rainfall, sleet, or snow.
  • A dog that wears a coat that actually keeps them warm will be encouraged to go outdoors to use the bathroom during inclement weather. Many dogs will have accidents in the home because it’s too cold to go outside to do their business.
  • If you have a hyper dog who enjoys spending time outdoors, then a jacket will allow them to enjoy their time outside, without the risk of frostbite, which can happen in as little as thirty minutes of exposure in freezing temperatures, if your pet has a coat that’s not meant to handle freezing temperatures.
  • If it rains a lot where you live, then you know the hassle that comes with chasing a wet dog around your house with a towel, in an attempt to prevent your dog from getting the carpet and furniture wet. If you’re tired of dealing with that wet dog smell, then a coat is the answer.

Must-Have Features


When you’re shopping for a coat for your pet, make sure you factor in your lifestyle, the climate, their breed, size, and coat type. If you’re looking for a coat that offers the best protection and insulation, then a polyfill model is a great choice. If you have a highly active dog, then a model that allows them to run and move unencumbered is also important. These coats will have leg straps that allow your dog to move freely.

Breed Type and Age

Dogs with an outer and undercoat may not need quite as much protection from the elements as chihuahua, which has a very thin coat. If your dog has a thin coat, then make sure you purchase a model that offers the most insulation, in addition to an outer shell that’s made out of water-resistant material.

If you have an old dog, you may notice that they have a tougher time moving around in the winter months, especially in the morning. This is usually a direct result of the colder weather, combined with aging joints. A vet will recommend a coat for older dogs since the added warmth can do wonders to prevent joint pain and other related issues. Additionally, an older dog’s body cannot maintain warmth as easily as a younger dog’s. For both of these reasons, you should always use a coat for your older pets.


Choosing the right size is important since a coat that fits well will provide the best protection from the elements. Make sure you measure your dog prior to shopping around. Never buy a coat based on the description of the size alone, since one brand’s size large can be another brand’s size extra-large or medium. Instead, take your dog’s measurements and check out the manufacturer’s sizing chart. The sizing chart should clearly list what measurements each size will work for.


The primary function of a coat is to provide insulation and warmth. Models that are equipped with fleece lining will provide maximum warmth and comfort. This material is also referred to as polar fleece, which is somewhat stretchy and offers excellent insulation. Coats that are made out of nylon or other types of weather-resistant material will keep your dog nice and dry in the event of snow or rain. Many pet owners search for coats that are made out of wool, and while you can find them, wool is not the best choice since it is not water-resistant and will instead absorb the water, keeping the wet material close to your pet’s skin. Cotton has the same problem. For intense winter weather, opt for a model that’s made with fleece on the inside and water-resistant material on the outside.

Reflective material is a must if you take your dog for a walk during the winter months. Many coats will come equipped with reflective piping, which will make both you and your pet highly visible to drivers and other pedestrians when you’re out early in the morning or late at night.

Types of Dog Coats

There are many types and styles of coats to choose from. Below, you’ll find a list of the different options available, which will help you pinpoint the style of coat that will work the best for your pup, based on weather conditions, temperature, and breed type.


Just like a raincoat designed for humans, a dog raincoat is made out of waterproof material that’s designed to keep your dog nice and dry. However, most raincoats don’t come equipped with much or any insulating material, so if you live in a part of the country that experiences freezing temperatures, then a raincoat isn’t the best option.


This type of coat is perfect for mild winters, windy conditions, and even light rainfall. But like a raincoat, a windbreaker doesn’t usually come with much insulation, so they won’t be the best choice if it snows in your neck of the woods.


A basic fleece coat features a non-bulky design and provides plenty of warmth for a pup outdoors during windy days, cold temperatures of fifty-five degrees and up. However, these coats are not water-resistant, so if it normally rains or snows during the winter, you’ll need to choose a different style of coat, one that can provide both insulation and protection from wet weather conditions.


A parka is exactly what you need for a harsh winter. These jackets provide excellent insulation and feature an outer shell that’s totally waterproof. These are considered heavy-duty jackets that are perfect for rain and snow, but if you live in a part of the country that experiences mild winters, then these jackets will definitely be overkill.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does My Dog Need a Coat?

When it’s cold out, you should always put a coat on your pet since these coats will keep your pet warm and dry. This will be especially important for older pets with joint problems, dogs with thin coats, and most small breeds.

Is a Dog’s Natural Coat Waterproof?

No. While there are dogs that have two coats, no dog’s coat is fully waterproof, although there are some breeds that have coats that are waterproof to some extent.

When Should I Put a Coat on My Dog?

Most vets recommend using a coat for your pet in temperatures under forty degrees. For old pets, dogs with thin coats, and small breeds, you should use a coat once the temperature is fifty degrees and under.

Final Thoughts

Now that you know what to look for on your search for the best coats for dogs, you can find the perfect style and size for your pup, one that’s designed to provide the right level of protection for your dog, based on weather conditions, breed, and the part of the country you live in. Each of the jackets on my best-of list is designed to keep your pet warm, dry, and comfortable, during even the harshest weather conditions, and for a price that’s reasonable.

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