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The Amazing Benefits of Cinnamon and Pumpkin for Your Dog

cinnamon pumpkin

The dog must be treated with high-value foods, whether it is homemade food or canned food. When you opt for canned food, make sure that they are natural. In the current scenario, it is very common to feed the dog with a brand of pet food. But you need to make sure your canine companion is getting the right nutrition. Generally, you cannot find the value of a dog’s nutrition in the labels. In fact, you are uncertain about how much your dog is getting balanced food. And how much they are helping in maintaining the health of your companion.

Do you love your dog? If yes, then you need to know to provide the best care for your canine. One of the major activities to express care is good nutrition. You need to select the correct food, which will help to boost your dog’s immune system and let them live a long, active, and healthy life.

At present, when we talk about dog food, it generally means the store-bought food. The majority of store-bought canned food comes up with meat as an important source of nutrients. Yet, your pet can also derive nutrients from fruits and vegetables. These non-meat foods are an important source of calories. Cinnamon and pumpkin can be a better source to gain these vitamins and minerals. You may be surprised knowing that pumpkin can be the regular recipe for your dog. Moreover, you will prefer it if you know how beneficial it is.

Today, let us discuss the health benefits of this incredible food.

Pumpkin is a great source of vitamins like vitamins A, E, and C. We can find enough potassium, iron, beta-carotene, and antioxidants. If your dog is having some digestive issues, then you can give her pumpkins. According to experts, pumpkin is good for solving all sorts of digestive issues like diarrhea or constipation. The soluble fibers found in pumpkins absorbs the water to solidify runny stool. Providing a small amount of pumpkin in her meal during constipation helps lose it up.

The seeds of the pumpkin also have a surprising effect on dogs. If your dog is suffering from intestinal worms, then you can feed your dog roasted or raw pumpkin seeds as per her body weight twice every day. After some days, you can see no more worms or eggs in her stool.

Cinnamon is also a healthy food that you can include in your dog’s recipe. When paired with pumpkin, it can provide amazing benefits to your dog.

Commonly, cinnamon is found in two varieties

  • Ceylon cinnamon which is sweet and light in color
  • Cassia cinnamon which is darker than Ceylon with a strong flavor

Among the two varieties, Ceylon cinnamon is much preferred for dogs because it contains a low amount of coumarin than cassia cinnamon, but it is hard to find and is more expensive.

Is your dog struggling with obesity or diabetes?

If she is, then you can add a limited amount of cinnamon in her diet every day. Cinnamon increases body metabolism and helps to regulate her blood sugar and also to control obesity.

Cinnamon is very beneficial for your dog if she is suffering from arthritis. Cinnamon has anti-inflammatory properties that provide relief in joint pain and also reduce swelling.

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