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You Should Avoid Dog Foods Containing Soy

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Actually, soybean is one of the most popular ingredients of many delicious but affordable products: the soy paste, soy milk, soy sauces, tofu etc. It can be made into many forms of food. But one thing for sure, soy shouldn’t be on your long list of best dog training treats. Here are the reasons why you should not give your dog’s even a tiny amount of this plant-based dog food.

Soy is allergen food

The first reason is because soy is the most common food allergen for both humans and dogs. The symptoms of allergic reaction toward soy are varied, but in some cases can lead to serious health problems. Soy is also high in purines and silicates, which promote the formation of silica stones. Several cases also showed that soy consumption related to seizures and thyroid damage in dogs.

Genetically-modified (GMO) soybean

Another reason why soy- based dog food is not good for your dog is because the main ingredient, soybean itself has been genetically modified to provide enough supply and keep the costs down. So what is the problem, isn’t it still the same- a soy?

Still don’t get it? Let’s see how the ugly truths about these genetically-modified soybeans will only bring more harm than good to your pets.

  •         The result of a research conducted in June 2014 showed that high levels of the pesticide RoundUp have been found in GMO soy used in foods in the United States.
  •         Another research result showed that high concentrations of phytoestrogens were found within 24 commercial dog foods containing soy in an amount that can cause biological effect on dogs.
  •         The Institute for Responsible Technology stated that most soy products that caused allergic reactions was largely GMO.

Other source of proteins

If you are planning to give soy-based dog food to your pets in hope it could provide enough proteins for your dogs, then forget about that idea. Actually there are many other sources of protein such as eggs, cheese, and fish. Or you can add real meats like beef, chicken, or organs (turkey, liver etc) into your dogs’ diet. This way you can provide the right nutrition for your furred babies without worries.

Remember to always ask your veterinarian about what best and what best not to give to your pets. When choosing a store bought dog food, remember that the food you choose for your dog will surely affect his health and wellness, so you cannot take it lightly. That’s why it is important to check whether the dog foods you grab onto contain any allergen food like soybean or not. Also, always examine the nutrition table carefully and see if it fits your dogs’ needs.  

That’s all about the reason why you should avoid dog foods containing soy. You can ask your veterinarian for further information but feel free to check our pages if you want to know more about the best training treats for your furred baby.

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