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Are Lickable Treats Good for Training?

dog licking and walking

Yes, lickable training treats are good for training. In fact lickable foods are the most convenient and effective way to influence a dog’s behavior and physical activeness. For elder and small dogs, lickable treats play an important role in improving health, flexibility, strength of bones and reduces the production of lipomas. Digestion system is not stronger for the small dogs, providing normal food will affect their growth. Best dog training treats include the use of high potency proteins, in order to achieve dog’s health, body parameters, physical performance and advanced skills. Lickable treats are the best ones to grow up quality dogs in a short span of time. Smart lickable treats are also kinder to dog’s waistlines. Every kind of dog has a hierarchy of rewards, most of them eat smelly items like cheese, meat, butter, and some groups like veggies, beans and mix soups.

Best training treats include the use of combinations of foods and have a specific ratio of liquid and solid proteins. Most common combinations for small dogs include, Peanut butter, banana, and pumpkin. Second most used combination for training dogs is Peanut butter and strawberry. Third includes meat, potatoes and vegetables. One can make lickable food for dogs at home using a blender, simply make a paste of ingredients, and put the paste into a pet book, Coughlin tube or small Tupperware.

Lickable training treats are often much like ordinary treats, but they have numerous combinations depending upon the choice of dog, age of dog, health and physical parameters. Because training treats requires ongoing effort and too many high- calorie treats. Small dogs require lickable treats containing high calories. With the age and maturity of a dog, calories value varies, and mostly feed as reward-worthy chunks. Lickable have two types of treats, soft lickable treats and complex lickable treats, depending on the application. Complex lickable contains more than one hundred ingredients and soft lickable must include milk, smoothies as an ingredient. So, while choosing lickable treats for your dog, look for tasty protein based bites framed especially for targeted species.

Beth Prince, another famous trainer from the United States, reviewed that his dog’s gone crazy for a lickable treat, which he bought from a local natural pet store, He said, I am using them as training rewards for things that have previously been more difficult for dogs to learn. Each dog gets five licks for doing something, the dog already knew how to do and more than ten for something quite new.  He said, I love the fact that my hands aren’t a mess from treat crumbs or grease, and I can twist the bottom to reveal just a little of the treat paste. The bigger ones also come with a sting, which makes it easy to tie to a belt loop. According to the research, it has been experienced that dog’s which were not treated with lickable foods in the older age, suffered from weak immune systems, bone problems, have low physical parameters and activity stamina.               


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